New Years Resolution, Already quit.

I wanted to run everyday and eat better (again) I know the S.M.A.R.T rule for making goals… Apparently I don’t have any real “want to”.  This year I was determined to drop 30 pounds, and the fact is, I may still accomplish that, I  mean really its still freaking January. The problem with New Years Resolutions and me, is simple. I Hate trying to dictate an outcome that I desire with steps and process that I can’t stand.

This dilemma is also found in everyday routine and that’s why I struggle to get it done. I tend to be more innovative and acceptable of change when I don’t want to do something, that  something may  or may not be required to get a final result that I want.

Do you have the same problem? Don”t Lie!

Lets be honest here, it may be an awful practice or pointless step in the process, it may even seem idiotic or asinine, but we do it anyway. I don’t want to start some crazy uproar by saying “challenge everything” because that’s just as asinine. Instead try to work backwards from the goal and determine the steps required to get back to start,  and ask how can I do the same thing  in a different way? Sometimes you can make a change and other times you can’t, and that ok too. The end goal either needs to be a deep desire of yours or a “must have” from the standpoint of workload in order for the steps to matter. The bottom line is without these two reasons, you will never complete your task.

I do want to lose this beer gut, and I plan on looking good again ( that’s  relative to my circle of influence)  I know that running and dieting can make shed 30 pounds, but do I have to shed 30 pounds in 90 days or 12 months?  and If the time is longer I can stop a few bad eating habits and take the freaking stairs.

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