“I Must Break You!” -said Adversity


The life lessons from a Rocky film are astounding. You remember the scene? Rocky is in Russia standing in the ring surrounded by thousands of screaming fans and cold faced national diplomats. The shadow of an over powered , over-roided, over hyped, over the top (another Stallone film reference) foe in the ring standing before him, Ivan Drago. “I Must Break You!” is all the Soviet says and blasts Rockies hands downward.

Rocky had to face the fact that he was to old for the sport he had grown to love. At the same time he was mourning a close friend and former boxing champions death, Apollo Creed. This extremely confident, highly publicized Soviet champion now declares his complete disgust not only for American boxing, but for America herself. What was rocky to do?

How often does this scenario play a role in our lives? What would you do?

You face mountains and extreme environments and rather than back down in fear you push on. You always take on these circumstances as preparation for the main event the real challenge. the Ivan Drago’s of life. Don’t you?

I have come to the conclusions that there are 3 simple steps to overcoming these Ivan “the Adversity” Drago’s in your life. And non of them include running back to mommy and daddy or quitting.( don’t be a puss)

Lets start with – Not wasting your time or consuming energy in the “Blame” game. Choose to recognize that things happen to everyone and most times there is nothing you can do about it. Look to the positive side and recognize the opportunity to grow and take it on the chin, so next time you can be more aware of the steps leading to such calamity.

Of course -you should never panic, because you perceive the adversity to be so overwhelming there is no way out. Keep moving forward and realize that crisis is a great way to show your inner strength and heart. (the Rocky Mentality)

Finally, the reality of it all is, adversity is short term. And everyone has someone to count on. Let a trusted ally mentor you. Even Rocky needed help.

I am going to watch that movie again, but I wont watch Judge Dredd

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