Are we there yet?

“The shortest distance between to points is always a straight line.” Do you know how many times I have listened to that statement from someone? Countless.
I am sitting in Boston and I hear some lady using it again, but this time I can’t handle. I have to butt into her conversation and get all Hah-vid sm-aht (Bostonian for Harvard intellectual) I then explain the difference between spherical geometry and Euclidean geometry and how they vastly differ from social geometry.
Let me break it down for my readers, all four of you.
Spherical is round and therefore the distance between two points can be measured as a straight line or from one point to another pretty easily. We can conclude that inches, feet, miles can be measured between two fixed points. Euclidean geometry is slightly more complex. The two points can be the same fixed spots on a sphere, but a sphere eliminates an actual straight line, and now one must calculate the arc of the sphere.
All of the equations and theorems can be eliminated from the conversation when the aforementioned phrase is used in regards to social or human geometry. The term was invented by Donald Black which uses models to explain variations in human behavior and the social life through a ladder of success and failures. The point that can not be explained is the option humans have to choose, which in theoretical mathematics can only be returned with logical conclusions. ( Lost yet? ) The law in this theory is “direction” and the most regularly chosen direction is downward. People as a whole make more negative causing decisions rather than positive causing decisions. Therefore forcing the straight line of dreams and aspirations to be constantly reviewed and adjusted.
So in conclusion the statement ” the shortest distance between two points is a straight line” is more of a happy thought rather than fact, unless your actually measuring on a globe, map or other fixed objects.Not with life!
The lady stared off into nowhere and walked away. Hopefully she was a little more enlightened, but regardless of that, she was affected by social geometry… And so are you. Choose upward.


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