Why Blog?

Most bloggers like to sprinkle accomplishments on top of their meaty posts with the hope you will swallow the portions they are feeding. I have no accomplishments that will add flavor to my blogs. Some will suck regardless.
I do however have a love for my wife, watching my kids laugh uncontrollably, coaching football, and working as an HR pro.
The blog was conceived through my expertise in day dreaming. I was at an HR convention, one of them events where you go to “learn” and end up hearing the sales pitch for a new piece of software that will save you hours of work by reducing the steps it took you years to master, and of course to bring home bags of “swag”.
I overheard a conversation that intrigued me, so I kept listening as I pretended to check my phone for email. They said that women held 71% of the positions in the HR industry, staggering number. I Googled it and found this to be true, so I decided to wear my sexist hat and call my blog THE 29% : HR issues from a mans perspective.

Let me make it clear to you, my blog is an opinion based writing. I do not express the opinion of my employer unless I specifically state so.
I may change my mind often on topics, as I am very open minded and love to learn. I have been wrong many times and do not propose to be “all knowing” so I suspect a few opportunities may arise and I am just forewarning you. This may seem odd but it is my blog and ADHD may play a part in my thought process.

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